Ariviya Deep Tech Private Limited

Ariviya Deep Tech Private Limited

Ariviya Deep Tech Private Ltd. is a Nano Biotech Deep Technology company working for animal health care products. It develops solutions for the Animal Health care problems.
Among all major diseases of Milk animals, Mastitis is very common, persistent and deadly issue in Dairy farming. This disease in dairy cows causes massive loss to the economy due to loss of quality and quantity of milk and sometimes loss of the animals themselves. Mastitis disease causes Rs.7,000 Crore loss to the Dairy farmers in India every year. Ariviya developed MammaryO as a product based on Natural Nanobio-polymers following international standards to test its efficacy and safety; the results are promising and far better than any other competitive chemical-based product in the market.

Advantage of MammaryO is its broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity and increased biopolymer's shelf life inducing a higher efficacy of the product. It kills superbugs and also prevents the generation of antibiotic-resistant strains of microbes. The biopolymer in this technology helps the product to have a long-lasting or prolonged antimicrobial activity as it dries and forms a thin layer on the applied surface. The product is eco-friendly and rich in amino acids and natural organic compounds.

Ariviya is one among 31 awardees of TANSEED 3.0 chosen from a large pool of 1600+ applications received for this call.

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