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Vision & Mission

The Board

Periyar Technology Business Incubator was established as a grant in aid project of National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board ( with the support of Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India. Established in the year 2006 as section 25 company, later it became a Public company under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013.

'Herbal health' is the core thrust area of the Incubator with all instrumental facility to support startups in this sector. However Periyar TBI diversified its focus in mentoring, handholding and all types of support services to those who wish to start enterprises in any sector at any stage including agro, bio and food technologies.

It is designated as the incubator for Women by the Department of Science & Technology and it is one of the very few incubators in India to focus business development in herbal products. The Operations and Management are governed separately by Board of Governance and Board of Directors respectively.

Periyar TBI has a full-fledged testing laboratory with equipment to serve all biological and organic sample testing. Individual incubation space is allotted on rent for eligible enterprising units and other infrastructure and facilities are provided for a nominal cost.

The year around activities include Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, public meetings, seminars, workshops, Skill development programmes, hands on training in instruments and tailor made programmes on demand. Incubatees can enroll to the Incubator services throughout the year.


  • Startup recruitment

    Periyar TBI welcomes innovations and startups at all levels of development including idea stage.

  • Preincubation

    Participants will be assisted in understanding the Ideation Process .They will be trained in developing a Minimum Viable Product. They will be guided in conducting early stage market research and idea validation. Preincubation will help them develop a Business Model Canvas (covering financial forecast, resource requirement and potential market) and an effective Pitch for getting next level of support in making the MVP into commercially viable product which include attracting funds, partners, investors and effective team to build the idea into business.

    Coaching is done through online with a small batch of participants who can be students of any educational institutions or anyone who have an idea and want to start their own venture.

    This facility is highly suitable for those who want a structured program of coaching at the beginning or those who have the interest and do not know how to proceed with that. They need not be a registered company at this stage.

    Candidates with a definite Idea or PoC( Proof of Concept) are also welcome to this stage of mentoring to fine tune their business idea and eliminate any risk which is not forecast yet.

    A candidate can complete the preincubation with in a period of 2-3 months.

    For fee and enrollment details, please mail to

  • Residential incubation

    Successful completion of preincubation at this incubator automatically qualifies a candidate for applying to physical incubation inside the incubator space. Others can apply through a selection process. Approval for physical incubation is subject to the availability of space and approval of the business idea by the Board of Directors.

    The basic fee includes the space rent (sq.ft area) and housekeeping ( drinking water, high speed internet, sanitation, access to University resources). List of facilities and services to the incubatees can be shared upon request. Total stay inside the incubator during this Incubation stage will be 11-22 months where the startup companies work on product development and prepare themselves for marketing. During this stage, Incubator will guide the Incubatees in all their efforts (such as technology, team, seed money) to build a marketable product.

    Incubator will assist the incubatees to apply for funds or grants as applicable under suitable schemes. Incubator may also offer a wide array of value added services like entrepreneur training and workshops, skill development, team building , R&D facilities, market tie ups etc to speed up the incubation cycle. The incubation stage enables the entrepreneur to be well qualified/trained to pitch before an investor /VC firm.

  • Pre acceleration coaching

    Periyar TBI assists the startups undergo online training covering the key challenges in innovation commercialization. Topics include benefits of innovation, development status w.r.t TRL, IP management, competition, market validation and pitching.

    Startups who complete the pre acceleration coaching would receive guidance in commercialization strategies; strategic management for entry to national and global market; market and market challenges; venture formation and financing; and licensing or joint development.

  • Co-working space

    Periyar TBI is planning for a coworking space for early stage IT based startups. Details can be obtained through email from

  • Sharing of University facilities

    Periyar TBI will facilitate the request from any incubatee or general public if they seek any support from our host institute Periyar Maniammai Institute of Science & Technology for Innovation and entrepreneurship related needs.

    Partial list of services include Centre of Excellence for Training and Research in Automation Technologies (; Centre of Excellence for Next Generation Networks (; Library ( etc.

    Mechanical workshop, Equipment facility, software development/testing, civil and environmental parameter testing are other facilities to support the incubatees Vast pool of students and faculty is an advantage for the incubatees to avail academic/technical inputs and to avail flexible manpower to meet their requirement.

  • Validation Report

    Upon request, Periyar TBI prepares Technology Validation reports and market assessment documents for the startups which will be useful in preparing themselves for investor pitches.

  • Preparing the startups for pitching

    Periyar TBI shall also assist startups for bespoke presentation document for effective pitching before investors.

  • Academic partnership

    Periyar TBI shall organize Entrepreneurship Awareness programmes, ideation camps and opportunity seeking workshops in other colleges and extend post programme support for viable ideas. It encourages co-incubation with such neighbourhood institutions for their faculty and students through MoUs.

  • Student internship

    Periyar TBI arranges student internship programmes in startup companies. This will help them both in fulfilling the academic requirement and need for short term hiring of skillful manpower.

    Startups can submit their requirement to the incubator and students can choose from the opportunities available for their skill level and interest.